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Membership at Blaze Studio

Do you need content,  and a lot of it? We've curated the perfect solution. A luxury studio membership that offers everything you need to create killer content at an exclusive price. Choose your monthly hours, book your studio time, and get creating. A one-of-a-kind membership for your one-of-a-kind brand.


Silver: 2 Hours of studio time per month-Content Creator

If you're looking for a low-level commitment to a luxury studio at a fantastic price - this one's for you. Great for influencers, photographers, or creators who know they need consistent content and want an elevated place to execute. Hold yourself accountable or make the time to experiment with new lighting and creative ideas!

Perfect for small business owners who run their own social channels or social media managers. It takes a lot of content to keep up on social these days and our monthly membership with 4 hours of studio time will allow for a half day shoot or two mini shoots to hit your quota.

*Note, we are a studio however we have referrals for photographers